Our why

What motivates us to provide great tasting, healthy meals day in day out?

1. Health Matters.

We’re busy people but our health doesn’t have to suffer. Plant-based diets offer:

Nutritional value

Well designed vegan diets contain more essential nutrients, fibre, antioxidants, potassium, magnesium and vitamins.

Weight loss

By eliminating the saturated fats found in typical Western diets, you will lose body fat and thus get a slimmer waist.

Disease prevention

Data conclusively shows that vegans suffer from fewer diseases caused by a modern Western diet.


Studies show that adopting a plant-based diet can help you live a longer, healthier and happier lifestyle.

" Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. "

2. Saving The Earth.

Half way there. Join the plant-based revolution and start contributing.


Animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined emissions from all transportation.

According to a report published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, the livestock industry generates more greenhouse gas emissions – 18% – than the entire global transport system. It is also a major global cause of land and water degradation.

With increased global prosperity, the consumption of meat and dairy products continues to increase. Global meat production is projected to reach 465 million tonnes in 2050, whilst milk output is set to climb to 1043 million tonnes, putting an enormous strain on the environment.

By avoiding the consumption of meat, dairy and fish, we can dramatically reduce this impact.

3. Animals ≠ Products.

We need to start thinking of animals as sentient beings that want to live.

Speciesism is the assignment of different values, rights, or special consideration to individuals solely on the basis of their species membership. We as humans have decided that some non-human animals should be used for food, clothing or entertainment and other animals suitable for pets. In reality, the use of animals for food, clothing, entertainment, pets or experimentation involves using animals against their will, and – in the vast majority of cases – involves their suffering and deaths. We have been brought up to believe that animals are here to serve us, to be used as products or objects. But this is neither ethical nor necessary. We could choose to view animals instead as sentient beings whose lives have meaning.

Yummy, yet healthy.

Totally vegan

100% plant-based meals causing much less of an impact on the environment and animals. Plus, it’s great for your health!

Professional chefs

All our recipes are created by top chefs so we’re not compromising on the flavour. Each meal is hand-made in our plant-based kitchen.

Maximum nutrition

Only the freshest, ingredients are used from our most trusted suppliers. All our dishes are made the same day as they’re delivered.


Ordered in seconds; delivered to your door in minutes. Our job is to make following a plant-based diet as easy and convenient as possible.

Bio packaging

All the packaging we use is 100% compostable meaning it will completely decompose. Yep, another win for the planet there!

Affordable meals

We want to make delicious, high-quality, vegan meals accessible to as many people as possible; hence the affordable prices.

Join us in our mission.

It’s never too late to starting making a change. Let us help you lead a healthier, more environmentally friendly, less animal dependent lifestyle. A great place to start is by choosing our 100% plant-based meals.