What's on the menu?

You’ll receive your lunch between 12:30 and 13:30 the day you choose below. Where do we deliver?

Thanks to you, we have grown very fast. To keep improving, we have to close the kitchen temporarily. We will open with new products and new flavours.

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Mushroom and pea Strogonoff with rice, a fresh cucumber, tomato, carrot and white bean salad.

Order before 23:59 on 30/06/19.


Organic Millet tabouleh, homemade hummus, spiced courgette and carrots, spinach and salad.

Order before 23:59 on 01/07/19.


Aubergine schnitzel, baked potatoes with a lentil, bulgur, beetroot, spinach and cucumber salad and mustard dressing.

Order before 23:59 on 02/07/19.


Kung Pao cauliflower with brown rice, red and yellow peppers, spiced chickpeas and a mixed salad with red cabbage and carrot.

Order before 23:59 on 03/07/19.


Kofta, cous cous, a Fattoush salad of cucumber, tomatoes, red onion with yoghurt dressing

Order before 23:59 on 04/07/19.


Pick any 5 dishes and pay just 25€. You can choose whichever 5 you like. Use code QUIERO5 in your cart or at checkout.

A few of our top dishes

Tahini flavoured lentils

Squash & tabbouleh

Udón & Tofu

Who we are and why you should give us a try

  • All our dishes are plant-based, which means we don't use anything from animals.
  • From day 1 we have only used 100% biodegradable containers (not suitable for the microwave). You will never see a plastic container in Vegable.
  • We cook all our dishes from Monday to Friday at first hour so that your lunch is fresh and tasty.
  • Whenever we can, we use locally-sourced ingredients.
  • You can track your delivery online.
  • Easily order online with your debit or credit card or even Ticket Restaurant.
  • We deliver to most areas of Barcelona. Below you can find out if we distribute in your post code.

You can find more information in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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The postcodes we deliver to are the following: 08001, 08002, 08003, 08004, 08005, 08006, 08007, 08008, 08009, 08010, 08011, 08012, 08013, 08014, 08015, 08017, 08018, 08019, 08020, 08021, 08022, 08023, 08024, 08025, 08026, 08027, 08029, 08034, 08036, 08037, 08039, 08041.